Monday, February 20, 2006

Starting a blog

Today I decided to start a blog. Why? Well, I believe there are several reasons.
First of all, I want to keep in touch with newest Internet evolutions, and a blog is an ideal way to connect and stay connected with other people, and test some new Web 2.0 features...
Second, some things in my life are changing, and I would like to share these and future "adventures" with other people, people I'm in contact with today, in everyday life, but could disappear out of my regular daylife in the future.
I decided to post in English, thus making this blog accessible for everyone I know, it's a way to exercise my English, since Dutch is my native language...
What will I post here? Well, things that happen to me from day to day, interesting and less interesting stuff, ... Wait and see ;)

That's it for this first message.



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