Monday, March 06, 2006

Photographs Igls

I made a small website with some photographs of our skiing holiday... We went to Igls, a very small village, 2km from Innsbruck, Austria.


We had a very nice holiday... Most of the time, it was very cold (-15), but this made the skiing slopes just perfect.
The first day, fog was so dense, we couldn't actually see where we were going, which made skiing quite adventurous. But day by day, the wheather was getting better, which resulted in some nice panoramic pictures...
We returned on saturday, we left the hotel at 9.30 am, in very snowy conditions..., which resulted in a lot of stau (traffic jam in german)...
It took us 8 hours, to drive the first 200 km. After that, things got better, and we arrived home at 1.30 am. We stopped only twice, not to loose too much time on our travel, which made the trip home a living hell.
But we made it! :)

Back to reality now...

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