Friday, June 02, 2006

New Camera!!!

Wednesday, I received my new camera, and I finally found some time to post some pictures I took...

It's a canon powershot A610, and I bought it (after reading a lot of reviews at dpreview) at fotal, a very nice and good online shop... I paid 300€ for the camera, 4 good quality batteries, a loader, a little bag and a 1GB SD-card.

But now back to the results...

I started experimenting on a meeting in Brussels (couldn't leave my camera I received minutes before behind... (I used 4 AA-batteries that were included, but normally don't last as long as the NiMh batteries, although they aren't empty after a whole day of experimenting...)

(This is one of the demo-devices we used, just to illustrate the macro power of this camera)

At home, I took some other macro's of some fragrance sticks Sophie bought:

And today, I took some pictures of the evening sun (the first time since weeks this is possible in Belgium :D), with a balloon and some birds flying over...

Just some practicing, but I like the camera very much already!

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