Friday, October 26, 2007

First Press Message: Vidivic: Free webbased Videoconferencing

This week, in our company Androme, we launched a first press message about our service Vidivic.

I assisted the company in doing this and was astonished with the results.

This is the original message we posted in collaboration with PRNewsWire

Vidivic Enables Free Web Based Video Conferencing

DIEPENBEEK, Belgium, October 24 /PRNewswire/ -- Androme, a leading software development company announces the launch of Vidivic (, a free web based service offering high-quality video conferencing using Androme's Intellivic Software Development Kit (SDK).

Vidivic is a revolutionary new offering that will transform the way meetings are conducted. It enables users to meet business partners inside the web browser window, thus removing the need to travel long and time consuming journeys for often short meetings. The platform allows participants to join the meeting from their desks at the actual starting time.

In addition to high-quality video and audio, Vidivic manages the arrangements for the meeting - the user simply selects the people to be invited and states the meeting date and time. Vidivic makes video conferencing accessible to everyone with an internet connection, a web cam and a web browser. Without a web cam, participants can still join meetings using a microphone or telephone.

Nowadays, regular video conferencing solutions require large investments, hence being affordable by larger companies. Vidivic does not require large investments or dedicated hardware and will therefore also benefit a host of smaller companies too, making video conferencing more widely accessible. As a result, Vidivic targets all companies in need of inexpensive and easy-to-use video conferencing.

Notes to editors

Androme has gained market power in the area of video telephony communication platforms with its Intellivic product line (Softphone, Smartphone, SDK), a set of high quality SIP based audio and video telephony tools and products. The Vidivic service is based upon Androme's Intellivic Software Development Kit (SDK) which provides easy access to video telephony and communications using a set of APIs. The SDK is also sold to telecom operators and software companies wanting to integrate high quality audio and video into their products and services.

Vidivic is a free online video conferencing service which allows users to organize and attend web meetings. These meetings can be joined using a web cam and headset, to enjoy full video conferencing. If a pc or internet connection is unavailable, users can use a regular telephone to dial into the video conference and still participate in the meeting. Vidivic is built by in-house developers, using Intellivic SDK, a software development product which helps software developers to create their own video telephony applications.

After a day the results were visible on google, our website went from 178 hits to 380 hits. After two days, this became 1100 and today we achieved 12000 search results. We know this will be temporarily, but it is interesting however.

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