Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Corporate Blogging

Last week I went to an e-business seminar, that brought me some insights on corporate blogging. Not only is this an excellent marketing tool, it also allows you to inform customers with what you are doing. Last but not least, it forces the writer to think and rethink what he has been doing, and why he has been doing that. Of course, blogging takes time, but I believe when you put effort in it, you will benefit from it.

In that perspective, I've started a blog on the two main projects I've been working on the last year. Vidivic and TalkerBee (I've mentioned both in some earlier posts).

I believe the blogs can bring some extra motivation, on sharing thoughts and bringing value to our company. Let's see how long they live actively.


Jo Vermeulen said...

Hi Kristof,

Here's a related book on the topic: Naked Conversations by famous tech blogger Robert Scoble.

Anonymous said...

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