Monday, November 12, 2007

Press Release results

It has been 3 weeks since we released a first press release on Vidivic. Google hits have been a keen indicator on the results. Where we went from 0 to 22.000 hits in one week, we dropped to 500 hits after 2 weeks and a half. Since this weekend, we went up again, to 3.300 hits today.

Most sites just took over the original message, which is nice off course, but what really pleases me are the websites that really review our service.

Last week, David Tebbutt contacted me with some questions concerning Vidivic. After answering some questions, we met in a Vidivic conference to show some features. David decided to blog in SmallBizPod, a very interesting blog, where David writes software and technology to increase business productivity.

This weekend he sent me a notification of the release of the Vidivic article. I'm delighted with the result, and hope more articles like this will follow.

Next to Google Alerts, I use BacklinkWatch to check new backlinks on Vidivic. Which made me find some other articles on Vidivic: CollaborationLoop, Jane's E-pick of the day and Kolabora

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