Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Our first geocache

Last week, we succeeded in hiding our first geocache.

We have hidden a "multi-cache", this is a walk which guides you along several waypoints. On these waypoints you need to search for a tag that leads to the next waypoint. On the last one, you will find the cache.

Since the launch last wednesday, 12 cachers found our cache so far. None did not succeed.

You can always visit the cache description, even without registering. Special thanks go to Isis, for the English translation, and to Team Cabdriver, colleague cachers that have tested our cache before it was published.

BTW this is a good cache to start geocaching. It's not too difficult, and shows you one of the most beautiful nature places in Limburg.

1 comment:

Ditto said...

Congrats on your first hide! Looks like a great place. Fingers are crossed that we'll get to find it someday! :)

If you get a chance please visit our blog sometime - Geocaching Online

All the best!